Chin-up Engagement Seminars

Thank You

We would like thank you for all your support in building our brand and helping break the stigma around Men's mental health.

The Chin up Man is committed to spreading awareness, education and of course the conversation around Mental Health. 

Our presentations are formulated to engage participants in an open & vulnerable conversation about mental health.


Mental health is something incredibly important and a topic close to our hearts.

The rates of suicide and depression are, unfortunately, rising across the country and it is very important for organisations everywhere to have an understanding of what individuals face when living with mental health conditions.

Our founder almost lost his life due to poor mental health and expierenced loosing other loved ones due to mental health struggles.

He has now turned his life around to help others before it's too late. He speaks from personal expierences with mental health challenges and provides tips and tricks which helped him.

Breaking the Ice

Breaking the ice is the key to the conversation. It is the key to change. 

A group of people that break down the barriers of the mental health conversation will create a relationship within their community that will encourage more conversation, less stigma and more change. 

Chin Up Seminars

Chin Up aims to start the conversation, break down the stigma and raise awareness for mental health conversation. This includes how we as members of a community can work to encourage more awareness, understanding and empathy for those experiencing poor mental health.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If this is something that interests your organisation