Support for Men’s Mental Health

Support for Men’s Mental Health

Resources, and Support for Men Struggling with Mental

We donate 100% of our profits to communities in developing

Statistics show that on average 1 in 8 men will experience
depression, and 1 in 5 men will experience anxiety.

Unfortunately, due to the stigma surrounding asking for
help, many men don’t speak up and reach out for support.

Chin Up Mental Health is committed to breaking that stigma
for good. Through community, resources, and events, we help men to cultivate
self-compassion and connect so they can feel supported not just in the happy
times but the hard times as well.

Mental Health challenges can impact anyone at any time and be
able to have honest conversations with others is key to breaking the stigma
around discussing these experiences.

Our brand is dedicated to breaking the stigma and raising
awareness around mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety,
particularly for men due to the increased stigma surrounding these challenges.
Our brand mission is to help men, and the people around them start having these
conversations without the shame attached.

We also want to directly support charities by donating 100%
of all profits to communities in third-world countries that need support. It
feels good to give and know that a small purchase for some cool merch can make
a big difference in the life of another person.

Check out our products and for
more information on why we’re here, see the ‘‘Our Mission” tab.

Cheers, Chin Up!

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