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Chin Up Stickers  (3 Pack)

Chin Up Stickers (3 Pack)

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Chin Up Stickers (3 Pack)

Stickers are printed locally in South Australia.

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Who are we? Chin Up Mental Health is a local SA owned and operated business that is dedicated to raising awareness around men's mental health. Our business started as a side hustle passion project, that was started after our founders own battle with mental health. Please help us to break the stigma surrounding men's mental health, by wearing your Chin Up merch proudly, and looking out for your mates. Keep the conversation going, and be there for your mates. Cheers, Chin Up. 

Why support Chin Up? By supporting our local Aussie business and purchasing our products, you are helping Skylight Mental Health to continue the amazing work that they do in supporting people struggling with managing their mental health. By purchasing our products, you are able to help people to get through their day and continue to grow and learn through their challenging times. 10% of the sale of these products will be directly donated to companies that are on the ground doing the work. 

Our mission? Our founder has an unrelenting passion for increasing awareness of the struggles that men face surrounding their mental health and breaking the stigma around speaking out and asking for help.

Our founder has experienced his own personal mental health challenges throughout life, from a troubled upbringing, many years working in mines living the ‘fly in fly out’ lifestyle, and unfortunately losing many mates and colleagues along the way. These challenging and traumatising events have inspired our founders’ passion and commitment to the cause of breaking the stigma around men’s mental health.

'Chin up' came to mind as a name for our business as it incorporates the masculine stereotype that men must 'toughen up' and 'keep your chin up' when experiencing struggles.

Our mission is to work against this mentality, to reduce shame, to empower men to speak up and ask for support when needed.